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  • 子ども型見守り介護ロボット ”HANAMOFLOR”(ハナモフロル)を日本科学未来館に常設展示

  • ロボティクスプラットフォーム

  • 新移動機構

  • マニピュレーター

  • 精密バイラテラル制御システム

  • Soft-Material-Based Highly Reliable Tri-Axis Tactile Thin-Film Sensors for Robotic Manipulation Tasks

  • Tachyon: Design and Control of High Payload, Robust, and Dynamic Quadruped Robot with Series-Parallel Elastic Actuators

  • Policy Blending and Recombination for Multimodal Contact-Rich Tasks

  • Theoretical Derivation and Realization of Adaptive Grasping Based on Rotational Incipient Slip Detection

  • 3D-CNN Based Heuristic Guided Task-Space Planner for Faster Motion Planning