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  • MM-Fit: Multimodal Deep Learning for Automatic Exercise Logging across Sensing Devices

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  • David Strömbäck*,Sangxia Huang,Valentin Radu*
  • * External authors


  • Sony Europe B.V.


  • UbiComp


  • 2021


MM-Fit: Multimodal Deep Learning for Automatic Exercise Logging across Sensing Devices

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Fitness tracking devices have risen in popularity in recent years, but limitations in terms of their accuracy and failure to track many common exercises presents a need for improved fitness tracking solutions. This work proposes a multimodal deep learning approach to leverage multiple data sources for robust and accurate activity segmentation, exercise recognition and repetition counting. For this, we introduce the MM-Fit dataset; a substantial collection of inertial sensor data from smartphones, smartwatches and earbuds worn by participants while performing full-body workouts, and time-synchronised multi-viewpoint RGB-D video, with 2D and 3D pose estimates. We establish a strong baseline for activity segmentation and exercise recognition on the MM-Fit dataset, and demonstrate the effectiveness of our CNN-based architecture at extracting modality-specific spatial temporal features from inertial sensor and skeleton sequence data. We compare the performance of unimodal and multimodal models for activity recognition across a number of sensing devices and modalities. Furthermore, we demonstrate the effectiveness of multimodal deep learning at learning cross-modal representations for activity recognition, which achieves 96% accuracy across all sensing modalities on unseen subjects in the MM-Fit dataset; 94% using data from the smartwatch only; 85% from the smartphone only; and 82% on data from the earbud device. We strengthen single-device performance by using the zeroing-out training strategy, which phases out the other sensing modalities. Finally, we implement and evaluate a strong repetition counting baseline on our MM-Fit dataset. Collectively, these tasks contribute to recognising, segmenting and timing exercise and non-exercise activities for automatic exercise logging.